We <3 games press & ethics!

First of all, we were super chuffed to get our first press coverage from GamesIndustry.biz, Gamasutra, Joystiq, Pocket Gamer,and several other sites last week.  All those years toiling away on “proper big” games served us well!

You can see all the links here, on the “Our Coverage” page.

And secondly, its been nice to see some discussion in the games press which deal with issues around the kinda ethical/business side of the games industry which was, besides my passion to design games, one of my big motives for setting up Lady Shotgun.

First up, the Gamasutra article about Shay Pierce, a game designer formerly at OMGPOP who turned down working at Zynga, where he impresses on other devs “Values aren’t just for idealists — they matter”.   Then Jade Raymond, talking about young game industry recruits becoming disillusioned by the inherent shallowness of games (I find the article’s comments, by the way, are far more on the money that Raymond’s take). And now today Brian Fargo stating his views on publishers significantly increasing cost & reducing efficiency of games development.

If I was a more articulate person I would write a brilliant blog post about all of that, but sadly I writing is not one of my strong points (that’s why I leave our game writing to Katharine!) so I will just wrap it up by saying here, here chaps to the articles above, and long live Lady Shotgun’s ETHICAL co-operative way of working :)


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