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Welcome to Lady Shotgun Games.  We are an independent game development studio who love making great games on mobile platforms, and we specialize in touchscreen experiences that feel great to use.

We develop games for clients and we work on our own projects.  Our talented team of veteran developers have close to 100 years experience in games.


BUDDHA FINGER our debut game, on Apple, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry.


SING IT LAURIE, a game for very young children (under 4) based on U.S. TV show; on Apple and Android.


RELIC RESTORER, like Antiques Roadshow in an interactive experience! Explore, collect and auction rare artefacts.










We’ve had some great critical acclaim – named in Virgin Media’s Top 12 Smartphone Games of 2012, Guardian Games Top Android Games August 2013 – and been featured in several independent game events – Gamecity 6, Eurogamer Indie Arcade 2012, Indie Prize Showcase Amsterdam 2014.  We’ve also had our games featured on the Apple, Windows Phone and Blackberry App Stores.

We believe in a team working together on equal terms, and we believe in making games that make players happy :D

If you’re a looking for a top team of experienced developers, are a fellow indie dev interested in working with us, a journalist who’d like more info or a review copy of our game, or you fancy saying hello to us, contact us at info@ladyshotgun.com.  We’re pretty busy so it might take us a while to get back to you – but we’ll get there!

EVENTS SUMMARY: We’re at GDC in San Francisco 18th-21st March 2014.

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